If you are in search of reliable investment directions, you are in the Right Place! We understand that choosing a reliable investment platform can be a daunting task, and want to make it easy for you to make the correct choice.
What are the vtc-capital.com Company's activities?vtc-capital.com is a Forex trading company, specializing in providing profitable Forex investment solutions.Why it is so profitable to cooperate with the vtc-capital.com company?The high profits are provided by a rapid rate of growth of Forex market as well as with efforts by our employees. All our experts are first-class professionals in the field of Forex trading and financial management. Our success is achieved through accurate calculation, prediction and the ability to choose the right strategy and through adoption of innovative solutions in the Forex market.Why does the company attract additional investments from private individuals?One of the main missions of the vtc-capital.com company is further expansion of the activities and increase in working capitals reserve, including due to attraction of financial resources, invested by private investors.How do you protect our investment?First of all, we use the safe business strategies. In addition, we are expanding the activities, increasing the working capitals reserve and constantly updating the stabilization fund.Does the company have any official registry documents?The vtc-capital.com company is officially registered in the United Kingdom, the registration number is 10646661Who can become your investor?Any adult, regardless of location, income level or social status.Is my personal data, which I use in the investment process, secured?We use modern and reliable methods of encryption and data protection, as well as we do not disclose any information about our clients, keeping their full anonymity. Therefore, you can be completely sure that your personal information will not become public and will not be transferred to third parties.
What do I need to start investing?We recommend you to look through the 'How to start' section.How many accounts can I have?You can only have one account. The website administration has the right to block any additional account, regardless of the amount of funds in the balance.What do I need to do after registering to start earning?Any registered user has the right to start investing by making a deposit using our investment plans. Just log into your Personal Account, and create a deposit by following simple system instructions.What payment systems do you accept?For our users' comfort, we have chosen the most popular payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and Dogecoin.What kind of investment plans does the company offer?Our team has developed the highly profitable investment plans with one-time accruals of income after a certain period. We offer you today 5 regular investment plans and 2 VIP plans. In accordance with our investment terms profits together with principal deposit are paid out at the end of the investment period.How do I decide what investment plan to choose?Choose an investment plan based on your preferences, goals and budget. Our investment proposals can satisfy the needs of both small and large investors.I have sent the money, but they are not shown on my balance, what shall I do?If your deposit is in USD, then you need to send a request to our customer support with the maximum amount of data, that can be used to track your transfer. If you have made deposit in BTC or other cryptocurrency, make sure that you have got at least 3 confirmations from blockchain. If the money is still not on the balance, send the request to our customer support.What cryptocurrencies can I use?We work with the most common and universal cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and Dogecoin.Do you offer automatic reinvestment of profits?No, the compounding function is not available. To increase active investment, you can create an additional deposit from the account balance or from your electronic wallet.How fast you process withdrawals?All withdrawal requests are processed manually within 1 hour, for security reasons.Can I request the deposit withdrawal before the end of investment period?No. The deposit will be included in the total return and can be withdrawn only after the end of investment period.
What is an affiliate program?It is a program that include the accrual and payment of partnership rewards to users whose invited participants have created investments in the company's investment program.Does the company provide partner program?Yes, the company developed a partner program for its clients, that can afford additional financial opportunities and perspectives for each client who wants to actively gain profit by inviting new participants to the program. Our affiliate program offers reward of 5% the deposits made by people you have referred.How do I use my referral link?You can use your referral link to promote our platform and attract more income.Can I participate in the referral program without active deposit?Yes, you can. Availability of an active deposit is not an obligatory condition for participation in the referral program.Who can become my referral?vtc-capital.com anyone who is interested in investment activity can become your referral. There are no limitations in this issue.When can I get profit from Referral program?As soon as the user invited by you will make their first deposit, a part of these funds will go to your account.What can I do with the money received on the referral program?These funds are completely yours, and you can use them as you wish: you can reinvest the funds or withdraw them using an electronic payment system.
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